Friday, 23 July 2010

Geezer (Mascarita)


Slang: An old person, especially an eccentric old man.
[Probably alteration of dialectal guiser, masquerader, from Middle English gysar, from gysen, to dress, from gyse, guise, fashion; see guise.]

Word History: A relationship with a word we know well is disguised in the word geezer. A clue to this relationship is found in British dialect. The English Dialect Dictionary defines geezer as "a queer character, a strangely-acting person," and refers the reader to guiser, "a mummer, masquerader." The citations for guiser refer to practices such as the following: "People, usually children ... go about on Christmas Eve, singing, wearing masks, or otherwise disguised," the last word of this passage being the one to which geezer is related.


  1. Alegre mascarita que gritas al pasar...

  2. i like geuze (and the illo of course)!

  3. Dear Oskar,

    The lady with the geezer bares a remarkable resemblance to the wife of a famous cartoonist with whom I once worked.

    Lee Marvin Newland

  4. Me parece que a la ñata le van a remover el guiser.

  5. Un sueño recurrente, Grillo: ando en calzones en lugares públicos, buscando cómo esconderme.

  6. Asi vale la pena irse a la cama y soñar, Fraga. No como yo que siempre sueño que estoy completamente vestido pero voy con el culo al aire.

  7. jajajajajajajaja!!!!
    Al menos te refrescas un poco, che!