Sunday, 10 October 2010

Los argumentos no convencen a nadie


  1. Este caso lo conocí hace años gracias a Ripley: así como lo ven, con esos dedos que parecen un muestrario de porongas, toca la pianola como los ángeles.

  2. "Crease o No" de Ripley era el "Divulguelo" de los Americanos.

  3. Resistance is useless - the piano doesn't stand a chance.

  4. The piano has been drinking
    And the bar stools are all on fire
    And all the newspapers were just fooling
    And the ash-trays have retired
    And I've got a feeling that the piano has been drinking
    It's just a hunch
    The piano has been drinking and he's going to lose his lunch
    And the piano has been drinking
    Not me, not me, The piano has been drinking not me.

    Tom Waits

  5. The one time I saw him play, the concert was delayed for an hour while they tried to find a piano tuner. In the end, he had to go on without, and that song was never more appropriate.