Friday, 4 February 2011

Le Marechal


  1. Your marechal has the same moustache as my grandfather: he was a lawyer, but had to wear a military uniform and climb on a horse to serve his country during the wars of 1897, 1912-13, 1917-18, 1920-22...
    And my grandmother had an outfit like the one in your picture. Her favourite pet was a gallo whom she made wear a bombacha in order to keep her house clean.

    Sorry for the long comment, oscar, second time today i come up with personal memories...

  2. Don't tell me that you are the grandson of Eleftherios Venizelos!!!!
    Wonderful the idea of putting nappies to a rooster!!...Your comments are always welcome, in any length!!

  3. Definitely not! This grandfather was much more a monarchist than a venizelist- and things were rough between the two parties in those years.
    Besides, i don't think i could be anyone's grandSON... :-))
    Thanks again for the hospitality!

  4. I'll be a son of a gun! Are you a Lady Dodo?! I believed that the female version of the name is Doda. That is why I call you a "grandson". Wonderful!

  5. O yes, since birth- or is it since conception?... :-))