Friday, 14 November 2008

Completism-Pa Completar

This one I have forgotten to post in the series of "man walking upstairs" published in

Me habia olvidado de colgar este en la serie de "hombre subiendo la escalera" de


  1. ¡A la mierda! ¡qué bueno es esto!

  2. wow! muchas gracias por pasearte por mi blog. Realmente me alegra que te hayan gustado mis trabajos.
    M encanta tu estilo de linea, cercano al grabado. Mi im{agen favorita es "donante de órganos".

    Un gustazo!

  3. Hace rato que no pasaba, dibujazo éste che!

  4. Dear Oscar,

    YELLOW CAT-05NOV08, and SEATED WOMAN-10NOV08 are wonderful examples of dramatic simplicity and charm. The kind of image making that looks like it could be done by any fool, when we know that it is only possible in the hands of brilliant fools. I tip my dunce's cap to you.

    Lee Marvin Newland

  5. Don't raise your hat too high, Newland, or your ears will start showing. We exchanged good words about you with Luca last week in Spain. When is your film going to be ready?

  6. This one is effing AMAZING Oscar!:o)