Friday, 19 December 2008

Fugitive Lines-Lineas Fugitivas


  1. Oscar,

    The bottom right corner of this drawing is terrific. Use it again for another composition. Your 13DEC08 drawings on this site,(The Island), and your Personal Work site, (Vino y Soda), are so different in sensibility. Thoroughly sensuous in black and white, and then defying gravity and logic with a pinch of humour
    in the culinary composition. So nice.

    Lee Marvin Newland

  2. Newland. You say the nicest things! Yesterday I listened a recording of my old mate Carlos Franzetti playing duets with Eddie Gomez and I tought you may like it.

  3. Hello!It has been a while since my last visit!!!:)I wish you a happy Christmas and an excellent 2009!