Thursday, 20 May 2010

K. and The Painter

"...K. is advised by one of his bank clients to visit Titorelli, a court painter, for advice. Titorelli has no official connections, yet seems to have a deep understanding of the process. K. learns that, to Titorelli's knowledge, not a single defendant has ever been acquitted. He sets out what K.'s options are, but the consequences of all of them are unpleasant: they consist of different delay tactics to stretch out his case as long as possible before the inevitable "Guilty" verdict. Titorelli instructs K. that there's not much he can do since he doesn't know of what crime he has been accused...."


  1. Y yo que frecuentemente acudo a pedirle consejo a Titarelli, qué vengo a ser: ¿ un borracho o un kafkiano ?
    Queridos amigos del éter, ruegoles despejen mi duda. Gracias.

  2. Nunca viene de más aprovecharse de los encantos de un babuino.

  3. Los frecuentadores de Titarelli son Kafrrachos, Gustavo

    Los babuinos eran animales sagrados para los antiguos egipcios,jjmm.