Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Animacor 07

Last week I was in Cordoba, Spain, as a juror for Animacor 2007, the
international animation festival. It was a wonderful occasion, with beautiful films, fabulous food, sensational people, in the most gorgeous of cities. We were treated marvellously well. I''ll talk about our hosts on my next posting. I am not a great writer and not very willing to spend much time doing so, but I want to share these photos that will give you a faint idea of what was all about. In this first posting I invite you to see the members of the jury. They were Joanna Quinn, Pilar Ortega, Pedro Delgado, Carlos Varela and myself. These misguided people nominated me president of the jury.

Carlos Varela and me but I think we may be "Bouvard & Pecuchet"

Joanna Quinn laughing politely at some inanity I must have said to her.

This photo was taken by the waiter at the moment of our deliberations. The two onlookers, in pink and green, are Maria Marchessi, our guide and mother hen, and darling Patricia Grillo, who was in for the ride.

Pedro Delgado has a disagreement with Joanna.

Here is a selection of photos of the jurors hard at work. We were quite pleased with our choice of winners. The first prize, for the best short, went to the outstanding Madame Tutli Putli, possibly one of the best animated films I have seen in years. For the rest of the winners please visit:


  1. Le pido disculpas a Pilar pues desafortunadamente no tengo muchas fotos de ella. Pilar esta en la foto de arriba de todo y en la mesa de las deliberaciones a mi derecha.

  2. you had a great time overthere in Spain, thanks for showing the pictures.

  3. jejeje ... mejor para la foto que se me vea mucho. Te tengo que enviar las fotos tuyas con el jurado infantil. 9 chicas y 1 chico (con corbata y gafas).


  4. mejor que NO se me vea mucho, of course

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time, Oscar. Welcome home.


  7. Creo que Oscar debería hacer una exposición de dibujos dedicados a Córdoba y Wenceslao...
    Todavía me dura la sonrisa de felicidad con la que dejé la ciudad que nos acogió tan amistosamente durante una semana.
    También dejé una lágrima al despedirme.
    Ójala que lo podamos repetir pronto.
    Lo mejor de viajar es conocer a los que luego serán tus amigos.
    Un beso para todos los que allí estuvimos y para los que leen estos comentarios.
    Va a ser difícil que se crean que estuvimos trabajando viendo nuestras caras y leyendo estas cosas.