Friday, 2 November 2007

Omaggio a De Chirico


  1. Oscar,

    Your photos and drawings entice me into action on the digital machinery. How inspiring it must be to have these smart people in Cordoba commission you to draw sailors. Is that a mural of yours in one of the photos? Magnificent display of work. I only know Cordoba from North American television commercials starring your hero Fernando Lamas, whose job it was to look sophisticated and pronounce the name of a certain Chrysler automobile in rich Argentine accent, Cordoba. Maybe it was someone else. John Landis? Or, Fernando Rey.


  2. I believe you are talking about Ludovico Sforza (Il Culofresco), the great half back of the L.A Galactic Soccer Giants. Or the superb Uruguayan bandoneon player Olindo Sinibaldi, who played in the orchstra of Aldo Ladron de Guevara. God only knows what you are talking about.

    Moe Howard